Spyware – Google weighs in

Google weighed in on the Spyware problem with a recent Google-blog on the issue. While it’s obviously self-serving based on Google’s core advertising business being competitive with the revenue model for most Spyware companies (at least those that are not in the business of also selling Anti-Spyware software), it’s thoughtful and well articulated. John Battelle decomposed it effectively.

Google references Lavasoft and Spybot. Given that I was in Spyware hell last night (fighting with my home machine for three hours – I learned way more than I wanted to about my Registry), I found Lavasoft’s freeware product Ad-Aware to be the most effective thing I’ve found so far.

I’m amazed by this problem. I’ve been dealing with it for a while, but have noticed a recent spike across all medium (spam, spim, blam, spyware) – and it’s obviously making me nuts.

  • Ad-aware is very, very good but be wary…it doesn’t automatically download the latest definitions. You should make sure you manually retrieve updated reference files before running it.

    That said, the folks who make it should get the Nobel prize for making the free version actually functional.

    It, plus Pest Patrol, plus the latest iteration of Norton Anti-Virus, are installed on each of our family’s seven computers (with each copy fully paid for since, shit, these guys should be allowed to make money).
    The ONLY piece I have trouble with on a regular basis now is ROINGS.

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